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Lizzie McManus

“My mission is to join the dots between our fantastic grass roots community groups and the corporate world and the council – starting with BCP.

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Loes van Mierlo

I remember the exact moment I decided to dedicate my life to environmental sustainability. It was the afternoon of October 21, 2018. I was standing

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Lois Betts

“I’m in the process of setting up my own social enterprise called Carbon Stars as a way for me to find environmental innovators and support

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Louise Stevens

“Louise is sharing her learnings with more consumer brands, steering them along their own journeys. She helps companies to develop meaningful sustainability vision, strategy &

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Lourdes Gant

dedicated to making a difference in sustainable aquaculture practices in British Columbia, Lourdes brings passion back into the lives of her clients and helps them

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Lucy Cullinane

When my children who are all older teenagers describe my job to their friends (which doesn’t happen very often I admit), they say I am

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Luke Blue

I have a new love for working towards a more sustainable future for all After 9 months living and working in Tanzania doing CSR and

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Marcus Reid

My main goal is reducing pollution caused by the transport sector, and I believe PeddleSmart gives me an excellent opportunity to make a real difference“

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Martin Roach

We’re all driven by values. Understanding and communicating the values that motivate our perspectives, decisions and behaviours is key to achieving our visions and ideas.

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