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What a pleasure it was to take a pause and think about reflective practices yesterday – it was like an MOT for the mind!

In just 30 minutes our randomly allocated group of three touched on unexamined thoughts and feelings about our working lives that were profoundly important to each of us. We noticed things that escape our attention when we’re busy solving problems or tackling tasks and I’d strongly encourage others to join future sessions about ‘Living life as inquiry’.

Action Research can help us tap an awareness about how we are that’s important to the things we do and how we do them.

The pitstop last night will keep me going for weeks.

I expect I’ll probably find myself using the analogy with clients as I encourage them towards more reflective moments in the flow of their work….I’ll report back if I do 🙂

Thanks again for organising this, and for being the steady beacons you are for your passions in these darkly changing times.

Mike Zeidler, Co-Founder ASP

ASP Action Research Organisers


Jagdish Rattanani

I have come upon Action Research, particpative enquiry and collaborative research somewhat late in life.  If we can indeed create a sustainable future then it seems essential that these practices are widely adopted. Our role in nature, the complex relationships and contexts and our humanity  will be central to this learning.

Gwyn Jones

External Action Research Leaders

Peter Reason

As Director of the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice at the University of Bath, England, I was an international leader in the development of participative approaches to action research. In these forms of experiential inquiry all are co-researchers, contributing both to the thinking that forms the research and to the action that is its subject. I contributed to the articulation of a participatory worldview, and published widely, co-editing the Handbook of Action Research: Participative Inquiry and Practice and co-founded the journal Action Research.

Since retiring from full time academic work, I have focused on writing books and articles that link the tradition of nature writing with the ecological crisis of our times, drawing on scientific, ecological, philosophical, and spiritual sources. I undertook two ecological pilgrimages at sea; explores the place of art and poetry in a time of ecological catastrophe; writes and sings ‘songs for the Earth’; and is currently engaged in series of experiential and co-operative inquiries exploring living cosmos panpsychism in relation to Rivers.

Peter Reason


Judi Marshall

Judi is Professor Emerita in Learning and Leadership at Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster UK – see

She moved to Lancaster in 2008 from the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice (CARPP) at the University of Bath School of Management, where she was co-founder and Director of Studies for the MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice.

Judi Marshall