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Jonathan Bowring

I’m a leadership and organisational coach with a corporate management background. I prefer to work with leaders and teams in organisations that are making a

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Jonathan Wise

I am interested in what societies deem as important. How is what gives our lives meaning, created, shaped and reinforced in a society? With 15

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Juliana Lax

Beyond leading a small business, making corporate films, and challenging how to communicate sustainability in a more relatable way, I am passionate about intergenerational communication

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Karen Karp

“The ASP network—with vastly diversified expertise and approaches—can be a catalyst to help corporations, governments, and the private sector creatively address the most pressing issues

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Kayleigh Nicolaou

Everyone has a part to play in creating a sustainable and ethical world. But nobody ever said it had to be with boring, generic design and

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Lawrence Camilleri

Our vision is to create local hubs across England where we can provide education, recreation and support to the local community in all aspects of

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Linda Farrow

Linda Works for the Ruskin Mill Trust, a charity helping young people with special needs to reimagine their potential. Linda manages the Field Centre, the hub

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Lindsay Reid

My passion for the environment became well established when I studied Environmental and Conservation Biology at Imperial College London. Here, I could build on my

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