Hi, I’m Julia. 

I have recently come on board with ASP as Social Media and Communications Lead for the Humber Eco Fest(HEF). I am also Executive Assistant to Alan Raw, founder of HEF. 

I majored in Screenwriting and Film Studies at university, and since then I have gone on to do some work in care, which I first started at the tail end of my school years. I knew that this wasn’t where my dream lay, but I loved building relationships and finding a deep tenderness, warmth, and trust through that work. I hope I can carry that same approach with me into sustainability, establishing new connections and exploring opportunities to collaborate.

I have a keen interest in how the issues we face in the world have a lasting impact on generations to come. I am relatively new to the sustainability conversation, but joining ASP has given me the chance to deepen my knowledge and take action. 

I am loving being a part of ASP and working alongside many of its amazing members to help bring the Humber Eco Fest to life.

You can find me at


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