I’m a leadership and organisational coach with a corporate management background. I prefer to work with leaders and teams in organisations that are making a difference to our planet. I help them to multiply their impact by being as effective as they can.


Originally from a software background, I worked for HP and Canon for many years, including running an operations unit. This gave me broad experience of organisational life and leadership. As I trained as an internal coach, my passion grew for people development and working with human complexities of self-belief, goals, open thinking and being heard. I then studied coaching at Henley and became an independent coach, facilitator and speaker.

I like to align my work with my convictions. Apart from my personal lifestyle choices, I believe the best use of my skills and energy is to increase the impact of organisations who have an ethical, sustainable purpose.

My other passions are getting out on the bike, getting out on the hills and playing the sax.

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