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Mike Zeidler

I was the catalyst for ASP in 2004 when, as a trustee of the New Academy of Business, I was commissioned to explore it’s future.

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Mothiur Rahman

I come from a “straight” legal background – trained at a top 20 global law firm and became senior solicitor in a top 100 law

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Muryel Boulay

It is very thrilling to see clients’ determination to be a Force for Good and be rewarded by a B Corp or a CSR-A accreditation,

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Nick James

Through my work, I am motivated by helping to create happy, high quality, resilient and efficient places – places that increase wellbeing, minimise negative whole-life

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Nicky Saunter

I am still waiting to see what I am going to be when I grow up. Behavioural change, adaptation and innovation, communities at the edge,

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Nora Kroeger

…we must move away from top-down and tokenistic approaches to stakeholder engagement. We need to innovate and truly listen to create new meaningful and transformative

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Paddy Le Flufy

I’m the author of Building Tomorrow: Averting Environmental Crisis With a New Economic System, which has been recommended by the Financial Times as one of

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Paul Coleman

Paul has been working in the sustainability sector for 15 years. He has worked with organisations creating publishing and content marketing as well as events

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Ranjan is a coach in how to achieve chronic wellness. He has conducted workshops in Australia, Europe, India, Lanka, Pakistan and the US. His articles

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