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Muryel Boulay

It is very thrilling to see clients’ determination to be a Force for Good and be rewarded by a B Corp or a CSR-A accreditation,

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Nigel Berman

Nigel Berman is founder and Chief Wild Officer at School of the Wild, an organisation that brings leaders and teams outside to help them think

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Nikki Caldwell

My values and knowledge of sustainability continue to influence my role in helping support business to become carbon neutral.“ My sustainability journey started off around

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Paul Coleman

Paul has been working in the sustainability sector for 15 years. He has worked with organisations creating publishing and content marketing as well as events

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Portia Davies

I am currently undertaking an MSc in Environment and Development at the University of Leeds, building upon my BSc in Sustainability and Environmental Management and

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Richard Profit

“I have grown to realise we live in an interconnected world where almost everything has a relationship with and influence on everything else.  A failure to

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Rob Barnard-Weston

Rob Barnard-Weston has lived in Bath for forty years, thirty of them working in social and environmental responsibility. He co-founded Bath’s first eco-hotel; an eco-artisan

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Sam Cande

“…to educate and share stories from those with a Sustainable & CSR message” I am an experienced event & commercial director with over 20 years

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Sam Hyde

“It is of paramount importance that this struggle comes from the younger generation…” I have a strong passion for the multilayer impacts of climate change

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