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Dave Hampton

I’ve enjoyed ASP since attending the ‘Walk Your Talk’ gathering of 2005. A sustainability strategist, communicator and activist, I originally trained as an engineer at

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David Harman

David Harman “creating a sustainable global culture where neither people nor environment are harmed requires a collaborative effort from us all, from global conglomerates to

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David Matthews

Proud dad to five children, new grandad in 2022 and a lifelong engineer always motivated to mend things that need fixing. It’s dawned on me

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David Nicoll

“…working with smaller, purpose-led, businesses who are looking to embed sustainability across their business and make it work for the long term.” David is a

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Denise Taylor

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”  

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Dr David F. Murphy

Dr David F. Murphy is Associate Professor of Sustainability and Collaborative Leadership and Academic Lead of the Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), University of

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Dr Sally Campbell

Sally is involved with others in campaigning for Marine Protected Areas and sustainable fisheries. Planning democracy is in short supply in Scotland at the present

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Eleanor Wills

Hi, I’m Eleanor, a Sustainability Education & Engagement Officer at Change Agents UK. My background was a steady dive into the sustainability world. I studied

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Elin Themer

I’m Elin, a digital marketing strategist with a passion for purpose-driven marketing. I work with individuals who are focused on making a positive impact on

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