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Helena Kettleborough

Helena is passionate about the contribution of the rbp & community to creating a socially, ecologically and cosmologically just world, where humans and all the

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Holly Evans

Each day sustainability becomes a bigger part of my life. I am the Philanthropy Manager at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton.  NOC is

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James Barlow

Whatever dilemmas we find ourselves in, I work to create safe space where we can explore what it is to be fully alive, experimenting with

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James Cummins

“I am on a personal journey to learn how we can achieve a sustainable future and be a positive example to our children.“ My journey

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Jane Shaw

…helping businesses that are genuinely ethical to be heard and become the norm, through courses, training and consultancy.“ I love communication – playing with words,

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Jess Latchford

With over 15 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry, supplying directly into all types of catering outlets and working closely with farmers all over

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Jill Poet

“My passion is encouraging businesses, particularly micro and small businesses, to operate in a way that’s good for business but also good for people and

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Joanna Coull

In October 2019 I woke up to the climate crisis. And with this awakening came the realisation that the our current economic structure, of which

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