Beyond leading a small business, making corporate films, and challenging how to communicate sustainability in a more relatable way, I am passionate about intergenerational communication and creating a business that one day my daughter as well as my grandmother will be proud of.

I am a psychologist turned film producer. A Brazilian born Brit. A mother. I’m the co-Founder of GivingBack Films, a London-based social enterprise helping companies to better communicate their commitment to the United Nations SDGs, their sustainability journey and Social Impact.

We are pushing boundaries by becoming the first carbon neutral video production company, a Social Enterprise and BCorp.

I have worked in education for many years but recently it was not the focus of my professional life, until now. GivingBack Films is venturing into making our own independent film and I invite all ASP members to join us in contributing to turn this idea into a learning transformative tool.

The film will explore the emotions evoked by the climate crisis and the idea that doing something right now is imperative to ensuring the possibility of any sort of liveable future at all. We hope to raise awareness in viewers and encourage them to take responsibility for each of their small actions right now.

I believe that sharing our journeys is an important tool to constantly learn.  We can always find a better, bolder yet kinder way.

Becoming an ASP member is a natural progression which connects to everything I do and I can’t wait to meet all the incredible people and hear their stories.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat, to share your story, to brainstorm ideas and projects… and have a coffee at [email protected]

More info about our film and how you can get involved can be found at: 

To contribute with your message go to 

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