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Georgia Young

“championing small eco business and doing my best to help inform people to make better choices” I am a post graduate Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics

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Gerard Davies

Travel brings me both joy and shame.   I find it transformational but the damage it creates to the planet is a huge price to pay.

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Gwyn Jones

Entering the autumn of my life I am realising the need to develop a different relationship with those around me.  I’ve tasted success and failure

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Hannah Morris

“The way in which we inhabit the world evidently needs to change to meet the needs of future generations” I have recently completed my undergraduate

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Heidi Budino

“…this sense of urgency drives me to work with businesses and guide them towards making a positive social and environmental impact whilst unlocking the many

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Helen Sieroda

These are uncertain times, we are at a threshold, and we genuinely do not know what will happen now. Thomas Berry’s words; “We set out

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Helen Tyrrell

My work as a coach speaks to my deep belief in human potential. I am constantly surprised by the amazing people I meet as a

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Helena Kettleborough

Helena is passionate about the contribution of the rbp & community to creating a socially, ecologically and cosmologically just world, where humans and all the

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