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Bhavik Daya

I’m Bhavik Daya, a third-world-born and raised individual who has recently completed my MSc in the developed world and looking to continue to progress my career

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Bob MacKenzie

Visiting Professor at the University of Chichester Business School Connecting academia and the world of work I am interested in how academic and other forms

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Charles Ainger

I ‘retired’ in 2008, after 40 plus years in water engineering worldwide. The University of Bath MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice inspired my work

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Charlotte Bonner

“I’m a keen cyclist, baker and quizzer and looking forward to connecting with other ASP colleagues on all things relating to sustainability and education, leadership

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Christian Rebenik

Christian is Co-Founder & CEO of Tomorrow’s Education. He was Founder and CEO of Vivy, a personal health record and assistant, helped to build N26 Bank as MD, was

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Claire Jones

“I’m interested in problem solving and using insight creatively in storytelling” Claire has always been interested in problem solving and using insight creatively in storytelling

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Colin Phillimore

Since having a life changing Cerebellar Stroke in April 2021 I am working to support and advocate for #strokesurvivors through the Wessex ISDN as patient

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Dave Hampton

I’ve enjoyed ASP since attending the ‘Walk Your Talk’ gathering of 2005. A sustainability strategist, communicator and activist, I originally trained as an engineer at

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David Harman

David Harman “creating a sustainable global culture where neither people nor environment are harmed requires a collaborative effort from us all, from global conglomerates to

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