I help businesses set and achieve their sustainability goals. I’ve enjoyed working with businesses from start-ups to corporate for 25 years and understand the commercial reality of transitioning to more sustainable business models.

I set up Lighthouse to help guide businesses through the choppy waters of sustainability;  as such, I’m a translator of complex information into practical actions, offering a guiding hand to Boards and senior management teams. The three pillars of my work are Strategy; Upskilling and Implementation.

I am a specialist in circular economy, business models and in particular reuse. I use my experience across a wide range of sectors to talk about circular business models; sustainable business; Carbon Literacy; BCorp and greenwash.

In 2020, I started my #CE100 series that profiles mainstream examples of circular business models.

My examples are always innovative, profitable and accessible to all. I have 100’s of UK and global examples to share.

In 2022, I will launch Carbon Literacy training for businesses and also run training in all areas of circular economy. 

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