“I am on a personal journey to learn how we can achieve a sustainable future

and be a positive example to our children.

My journey started in a ‘bad’ place, growing up in the USA of the 80s / 90s, where bigger was better and technology held all the answers. This never felt right – something soon confirmed during a journey wild-camping in the Arctic Circle, where I found that virtually no true wilderness remained.

Since then, I have felt a need to help reduce humanity’s impact on our planet and support a viable future for all its inhabitants.

By being part of this community, I hope to learn from others who are more experienced in the area of sustainability and apply this learning within my personal and professional life.

I am also co-founder of Shrap, a startup that is working to secure a sustainable future for cash in our communities. We do this by removing the need for low-denomination coins, which are inefficient and expensive to manufacture, process and distribute – and many of which simply go to waste. 

Shrap supports local re-circulation of currency, and helps preserve the freedom and independence that cash offers. And for businesses, in the face of closing bank branches and rising costs, Shrap makes it more convenient and affordable to continue accepting cash… including the 55% of small businesses in the UK that are still cash only! 

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