Whatever dilemmas we find ourselves in, I work to create safe space where we can explore what it is to be fully alive, experimenting with our next best steps

I am clear; I am working to create safe space where we can explore what it is to be fully alive experimenting with our next best steps, whatever dilemmas we find ourselves in.

I support fellow human beings build increased consciousness and more fulfilling relationships with themselves, those they interact with and the more-than-human.

I have over 20 years’ strategic and operational experience in FMCGs such as Unilever and PepsiCo – much of it working directly on human rights and sustainability challenges.

Coaching, facilitation and consulting clients range from various UK public sector, international non-governmental organisations to Cargill, Daimler, IKEA, Mars, Mitsubishi, and Orsted. I often work as part of lively teams at Gameshift and twentyfifty.

I choose to engage playfully-seriously with the strong possibility of near-term societal collapse and I lightly-deeply wonder if today’s societal crises are symptomatic of the current human focus on material comfort not personal growth, and a disconnection, even denial of the reality of death’s part in life?

Projects include Leading through Storms where we invite leaders to explore, in community with others, what it means to lead consciously during these troubled times, and Foxglove//Digitalis, where we have co-designed an interactive group programme to support healthier relationships with hybrid working and the 24/7 nature of mobile digital technology.

My practice foundations include an Integral Development Coaching accreditation, an MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice (Bath) and an MEng in Chemical Engineering (Cambridge).

Being fully, consciously, human in organisational life, behaving as a compassionate, curious, creative citizen may just be a much-needed radical act for our time – what do you think?

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