Entering the autumn of my life I am realising the need to develop a different relationship with those around me.  I’ve tasted success and failure too many times to count and I’ve acquired a lot of insights, experience and wisdom along the way. Keeping this to myself would be like hoarding treasure – pointless!  It must flow to the younger generations whose task it is to create a sustainable way of living in harmony with nature, and quickly. So I’m learning to be an elder, open to invitations from those younger than me to pass on the wisdom I’ve accumulated on subjects of their choosing, at times of their choosing.  And then stepping back to allow them to choose their pathway forward; one which no one has trodden before.

As well as being a Director at the Association of Sustainability Practitioners I’m guest lecturer at several universities and business schools in Global Sustainability and Social Enterprise and Co-Founder of BUSEF – Bournemouth University Social Entrepreneurs Forum.

I am also an Advisory Board Member for:

100K Fathers

Global Environmental Media TV

The Power House

Organisation for Responsible Businesses

But maybe most fundamentally I’m a father and grandfather, husband and brother, and apprentice elder.

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