Action Research: next steps. A forum for discussing people’s action research practices and live inquiries.

You are invited to join in a session in the continuing ASP: Earth Conversations series, in which people can discuss and share their practices of action research, and have an opportunity to explore their approach to a live inquiry with other participants.

The session will partly be a follow-on to earth conversation #2: Action Research as an embodied life practice – from early 2022. The recording and transcript of the 2022 session will be available (password protected) to people who sign up for 25th January 2023.

You might like to send in some questions and curiosities about action research and inquiry in advance, to inform the conversation.  These will be collated and posted the day before the session.

Chat will be used as an ongoing conversation during the meeting.


(ASP is a not-for-profit organisation. At the time of ordering, if you wish, you can also make a donation by selecting your ticket type, and then scroll down to the Donation option in the Check out area.

All donations are voluntary and are not required in order to attend the event.)


16:00 Introductory comments about integrating action research into our lives and our attempts to act for change from Jagdish, Helena and Judi. To include:

               How inquiry emerges/ translating puzzles into inquiries

                Combining inquiry and systemic thinking and action

                Comments on questions and curiosities about action research and inquiry participants have sent in advance

35 mins: Groups of three people (triad learning conversations)

               Equal time of 10 minutes each and 5 minutes for group review

               How people are using action research practices/ developing practice; an opportunity to explore how to turn a potential live ‘challenge’ into inquiry

               Review: how has the process worked. Non-judgemental/ curious

35 mins: Whole group discussion – how was that?

               What would people like to say and explore about inquiry/ action research?

               Reflective comments on the session

Via Chat: jointly generating a slim resources list: websites, articles & books people have found helpful (to be collated and shared after the session)        

17:30 Closing

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