This is the first of a series of “Self-Reflective Learning Spaces” (SRLS) that will probably be held approximately every 8 weeks.

These sessions will be hosted by Judi, Jagdish and Helena, while Gwyn will manage the meeting as well as participating in the session.

Proposed Format

10 minutes introduction and any opening comments that anyone would like to make.

1 hour and 20 minutes for triad learning groups.  Time to be used as the group chooses. 20 mins per person including a brief intro to themselves, with 20 minutes for some joint review.

Membership of the triad learning groups will be randomly allocated each time, unless some participants email in advance to request meeting with specific learning colleagues and all three people for that group attend.

30 minutes whole group to share thoughts across groups and consider how to set up the next meeting.Registration

It is intended for Action research practioners – from novice to experienced, from either the

  • ASP Members (free) and
  • any RBP/AMSR alumni – and not yet and ASP Member (donation).

We also welcome anyone else who is either an experienced AR practitioner or curious to understand and learn via practice what AR can mean for you: Guest, £15 fee.


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