ASP is a community of people striving to create a better future for future generations. We are diverse, global and multi-generational and cover a wide spectrum of cultures, practices, experiences, passions and professions.

One big benefit of membership is the ability to call on any or all of the members when you need. To facilitate that ASP uses a closed email group “Gaggle Mail”. Here’s how to get the most from it…

  • Use it for the shared purpose of action for sustainability change – not for personal/social stuff
  • Use it to ask for knowledge/help/collaboration, as much or as little as you need
  • Contribute as much as you can when asked (and it often plays a strong ‘catalyst’ role – ‘I know someone/something who knows’)
  • Share your knowledge free, even (often) when that may be used by the asker for commercial work (many of us also have to make a living out of acting for change)
  • If you have gathered knowledge in response to a question you have asked, please summarise it and make it available to all the group 
  • If you need more formal commercial arrangements with other group members for some work, make them up for that work yourselves

Firstly some guidelines for why we use it:

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