What does Philosophy have to do with ecological crisis, and our ability to confront it?

The fundamental thesis of this presentation is that how we think about Nature affects how we interact with Nature.

What is Nature? What is Matter?

What on earth are we doing here on Earth?

These questions matter. Nathan takes us on a journey through Western thought from the ancient world to the modern, with lecture, discussion and musical interludes about Stoicism, Epicureanism and other philosophical approaches to ecological action. 

Nathan Dufour (@nathanology_) is a rapper, philosopher and artist based in NYC.

He uses a synthesis of poetry, performance, lecture and video art to explore concepts drawn from philosophy, history, and physical sciences. He’s known for his online video content (under the name Nathanology), an online course called the Intro to Philosophy for Ecological Action, and his live performances in the NYC area, especially at Brooklyn’s House of Yes.

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