I’m Nathan, a rapper, philosopher, writer and video artist operating in New York City.

My work aims to synthesize Art and Education in a seamless whole, reintegrating what I see as an original unity that has been cleft apart by the modern commodification of both. 

After earning a PhD in Classics in 2018, I taught for a few years at the City University of New York, while gigging and self-producing music on the side. Eventually becoming dissatisfied with the limitations of both of those modes, I started making videos that present philosophical ideas in musical form, and releasing them on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

My current emphasis is the Philosophy of Ecology. How do our underlying conceptions of Nature affect our ability to address our current ecological crises? This has led to an experimental online course, the Intro to Philosophy for Ecological Action, in collaboration with the online educational network Grokkist.

Related to these syntheses of art and education, my broader social aim is to unify theory with practice – to awaken people to the radical possibility of creating a holism between their values and their actions. 

Here are some examples of my work. – 

An Introduction to Critical Theory for the 21st Century 

Old School School: Reimagining Education 

How the F*ck Does F*ckin Sh*t Work?: A History of the Philosophy of Science

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