“An extraordinary tale of personal resilience, reconciliation and creativity in the face of deep challenge. Garry Junkuhn has found a path of personal sustainability by confronting his own limits and finding a way of living that gives back, nourishes and sustains at a personal, family and community level.”    Gwyn Jones, ASP Director

I am a father to teenage two sons living in Hampshire, UK. After an intensely painful sequence of life events, I lost total contact with them for a period of over three years. The pain and suffering in the early stages of not seeing my boys nearly destroyed me. There was a thread holding my life together taking me to the verge of bankruptcy, hospitalization, and thoughts of suicide. Fast forward three years and the impossible took place, I managed to reunite with my sons!

My journey over these first three years would see a complete reboot of my life down to a backpack with 55 items and the start of a six-year nomadic life. I rebuilt the foundations during this time becoming a far more resilient man and an epic father.

There are millions of fathers around the world who have lost contact with their kids. This is often due to divorce, parental alienation or a sequence of life events. These men receive little to no support during these dark and extremely uncertain times. This is one of the reasons why I started 100k Fathers. 100k Fathers is a global community of fathers on the same path, sharing valuable stories, wisdom, and ideas providing support to each other.

Our mission is to reunite 100,000 fathers with their kids. 

How can people help/support 100k Fathers? – There are three ways:

  1. Sharing this video on social media
  2. Sponsoring 100k Fathers
  3. Contacting me to contribute in any other way

How can I find out more about 100k Fathers? Visit the website: https://community.100kfathers.org/ 

Who would I like to connect with? Estranged and Alienated Fathers, Podcast Owners, Organizations Wishing to Support or Collaborate

How could people connect with me? Email, LinkedIn, Personal Website

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