ASP is delighted to form an alliance with Change Agents UK. We see a real synergy in our work as learning organisations promoting change to sustainable practice in all aspects of life.

We seek to support Change Agents’ principal activities of recruitment and the provision of continuous support, education and training to young people, both before and during their first steps in employment.  ASP will extend invitations to the Change Agents community to both co-create and participate in all our learning events as well as offering them Membership to ASP’s community of practitioners.

About Change Agents

Change Agents are a national charity that creates positive social and environmental change by providing sustainability education to people all ages and connecting talented individuals with purposeful careers in sustainability through our sustainability recruitment services. A charity and non-profit, we have been educating, inspiring and empowering people for over 25 years, working towards our vision of a secure, resilient, zero-carbon and fair future for all.

We aim to achieve this vision of a secure, resilient, zero-carbon and fair future for all by:

  • Raising public awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate emergency.
  • Supporting and empowering the next generation to have the skills and knowledge needed for the future.
  • Building networks that engage individuals and organisations in working towards a zero-carbon future.

​Over the last 25 years we’ve worked on a diverse portfolio of projects, tackling many aspects of delivering sustainability. From running energy efficiency programmes with local authorities to behaviour change and engagement programmes with universities and hospitals, our engagement crosses education, workshops and professional services. 

​We support young people wishing to use their careers to make a positive difference. Our Sustainable Futures workshop is designed to equip young people with a sound understanding of the principles of sustainability, to understand what skills are now needed in our society and to build confidence and workplace preparedness. We also work with our partners to deliver paid work placement opportunities in sustainability through our wholly owned non-profit subsidiary, Change Agents UK Trading Ltd.

Sustainability Workshops & Programmes

Megan Sturton

Through our range of interactive workshops, we deliver programmes on sustainability careers, employability and essential professional skills in sustainability.
We work with FE & HE institutions, corporate entities, youth organisations, graduate/youth employers and individuals to deliver skills for the future, bespoke career workshops and professional development solutions. Our highly popular Sustainability Leadership Skills programme is the go-to training for early career sustainability professionals looking to increase their broader sustainability knowledge and develop the all-important leadership skills needed to excel in a future thinking organisation.

Sustainability Recruitment & Employment Services

Change Agents UK provide recruitment and employment services for UK companies, Universities, global brands and charities in all aspects of sustainability. We’ve been successfully recruiting candidates in Energy, Environment, Sustainability and Health, Safety and Wellbeing roles for over 25 years. Our mission is to create a secure, resilient, zero-carbon and fair future for all and every candidate we place is one step closer to this goal.

We support organisations in finding the best candidate through a comprehensive recruitment offering and help develop that person through our Sustainability Leaderships Skills Programme. This diverse sustainability course supports your new team member with the additional skills needed to excel in the workplace and become a true Change Agent, inspiring others to create a better future for all.

How the alliance will work:

The two organisations will operate as before as separate organisations and will now collaborate as follows:

1. Communicating the alliance to the outside world, via newsletters to promote the alliance and encourage new members to each/both organisations.

2. Communicating the alliance to ASP and Change Agents’ members to encourage cross-pollination in memberships.

3. Sharing invites of each other’s events to the two communities (1-2 per month), to encourage cross-pollination between the organisations, and sharing creative inputs between the organisations during these events.

4. Co-creating events as the need arises, including encouraging the respective memberships to propose events that they feel will be of value, and to host events which will reach both audiences.

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