These are the booklets for each session of the ASP peer-to-peer dialogue Finiteness in the Context of Sustainability.

They feature:

  • Resources and references from the workshop
  • Free mental health resources
  • Free wellbeing events
  • Interesting offers from ASP members
  • Details about the next sessions

Session 3 –Finiteness as a call to action – the role of sustainability practitioners. September 18th, 19:00 BST

Living through and contending with the polycrisis, where do we see our role in this as sustainability practitioners? Can we imagine old and new ways to make positive, generative contributions while we are still around – in the face of or even because of finiteness? This session will provide ample space to discuss our place in it all and to wrap up the series with a sense of agency.

Session 2: The silence around finiteness death anxiety and ecological grief.

Why do we prefer to stay in the spiral of silence instead of facing grief and death anxiety in a mindful, conscious way? Whether it is grieving a loved one or grieving Mother Earth, how does grief manifest in us and how can we start talking about finiteness and mortality?

Session 1: Finiteness in nature and pop culture

If there are two things that we are always surrounded by, it is nature and pop culture. Thinking about how we experience finiteness (fragility, mortality, grief, the circle of life and death) through examples we find in nature and pop culture opens up a fresh, and accessible way to talk about these topics and allows us to compare and contrast the natural world with the world of human discourse to explore how we make sense of it all.

Here are the video clips we used:

Clip from Star Wars

Clip from Avatar

Clip from Guardian


Best wishes,

Nora & Gwyn

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