May 31st 20:00-21:30, Schumacher College

We are invited to join Satish Kumar – peace activist, environmental thought leader and founder of Schumacher College, and Jagdish Rattanani at The Great Hall, Shcumacher College to discuss the subjet of Jagdish’s latest book:

Longform Conversations Series No. 1: Satish Kumar: Abundant Love

Much has been written by and about Satish Kumar – peace pilgrim, co-founder of Schumacher College, and long-time editor of Resurgence magazine.

A monk at the age of nine, and now a world-renowned environmental activist with Honorary Doctorates from five UK universities, Satish Kumar has been working to realise Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of a peaceful, sustainable world for much of his life.

But this new volume brings a whole new perspective on the man and his work. Based on a 30-hour ‘longform conversation’ with Satish – this book gives readers the chance to listen in a conversation where his interviewers draw out his experiences, reflections and insights in much more depth than elsewhere. 

They question his political and philosophical thinking, invite him to revisit strongly held positions and, through the conversation, seek to cast new light on the man and his multiple perspectives on the world.

Forewords by Charles Eisenstein and Arun Maira place his life and work in context and the conversation challenges him on many aspects of:

•  the purpose of our life 
•  reverential ecology and the mantra of ‘soil, soul and society’ 
•  the spiritual path and daily life
• education, sustainability and economic growth 
•  implementing Gandhian ideals 
•  selfishness and acceptance 
•  caste-politics 
•  centralisation and the economy of tomorrow 
•  Sarvodaya (living in harmony with all existence) 
•  health and technology 
• capitalism 
•  aesthetics and beauty.

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