I am a music artist and climate communicator, drawing on a lifetime of work as a playful composer, performer, designer, writer and presenter. With one foot in the world of business and another in the world of the arts, my motivation comes from my values – and it’s given me richly broad experience as a creative director.

My personal passion as an artist and creative business bloke is to connect more of us to the possibilities found in the changes being demanded of us in the 21st century.

I want to help ESG leaders light up rooms and changemakers feel less alone, while helping specialists and technical experts talk about difficult stuff with much more impact.  It’s time to get more practically excited about crisis and change – and the right storytelling experiences can bring alive the ideas. I believe art is centrally missing from unlocking crucial new and ancient ways of seeing – and I’m trying to help with this.

I am the bloke from Momo:tempo, the voice of Unsee The Future, creative director of Momo:zo, associate nature communicator with AimHi Earth and co-founder of the emerging Rogue Futures Initiatives. 

Author of “UTF! How to think like an artist and change the world”, I am currently developing “The Shape of Things To Hum – an electro cabaret musical to end the end of the world“.

Timo shares at TEDx Cowes: DRAWING THE TREASURE MAPS: Art’s vital place in facing crisis and change

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