University of Cumbria, Ambleside

Are you interested in studying for a post graduate qualification in management or leadership, that may lead to a PgCert, PgDip or a Master’s degree, but not sure whether it is the right path for you?

The Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership and its Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) are offering the opportunity to study for, and complete, a credit-bearing Certificate of Achievement (CoA) course in ‘Strategic Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement’ for people who wish to explore the rigours of postgraduate study, before committing to a full postgraduate degree. This module is validated for the MSc in Organisational Leadership. In addition, we offer a non-credit-bearing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) option for this course. CPD courses are training programmes for working people that combine skills for the workplace with academic rigour.

Assignments and projects are developed by the University, so you can make an immediate impact in your work while you gain a university-recognised qualification (20 UCAS credits, that might be used towards a PgCert or full degree, for example).

We offer two options for this course:

1) A fully-credited COA course (click ‘Apply Now’)
2) A CPD non-credit course (Apply via our Online Store)

Location: Ambleside and Distance Learning

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