I’m the founder of “XeroE”, I had just moved from the leafy suburbs of London to the inner city. Being able to look out of the window and see lorries, vans and cars rolling past, spewing out fumes and noise highlighted just how much of a problem air pollution was.

With six grandchildren growing up in Central London, I developed XeroE as a tool to fight for a healthier future. I quickly set about stopping couriers on the road, hanging around downtime spots’ for drivers, and slapping stickers on charging points to buildup a network of zero-carbon couriers.

XeroE, the world’s highest scoring logistics BCorp, was founded with one mission – to improve the quality of urban air across the UK.

We really are people people! Almost all of our HQ staff started on the road for XeroE – It’s the real world experience that makes us true specialists.

We hire staff with the one key question in mind – where will this person be in 5 years time? Each person is an investment into the future.

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