I’m Sonia and I’m a sustainability consultant at Low Carbon Europe (LCE), an energy consulting firm delivering energy reduction and sustainability advice and support to NHS Trusts and the private sector.   I love getting into organisations and highlighting areas where they can lower their carbon footprint. Uncovering areas they haven’t even thought about or had time to explore is very rewarding. 

I believe that it’s time to talk less and do more and that everyone has a responsibility to make the area they live in better.  Litter and excessive noise are two of my pet peeves.  Through grit and relentless determination and putting myself in harm’s way of angry fishermen, I convinced my local council to ban fishing in an SSSI-designated woodland due to the mess the fishermen were leaving behind. Now I’m highlighting the pervasive use of gas-powered garden machinery such as leaf blowers.

I have a Master’s in Environmental Studies and I’m an associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). 


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