Responsible Project Management (RPM) is delighted to continue their alliance with ASP, with the aim of accelerating progress towards a more sustainable future for people, planet, and prosperity. 

Projects create the future.  Project management delivers interventions with the potential to transform lives and ecosystems.  RPM is an international movement of project professionals who are committed to seeking out and exploiting the opportunities for more sustainable futures using systems thinking, regenerative approaches, and engagement strategies to enhance human interventions.

RPM partners with the Schumacher Institute, the UK Systems Society, and ASP to introduce the principles of RPM and techniques from project management to those working in sustainability through workshops, short courses, and providing open access resources to encourage interventions supporting adaptations that balance interests over the short, medium, and long term.


The RPM Studio is a new learning space where we use a holistic approach to connect beliefs, values, and knowledge with action.  Learning activities are interactive, integrative, and interconnected.  We encourage participants to explore their own practices and experiences, uncovering complexity, context, and diverse interests that can be harnessed to increase the likelihood of success.


The Responsible Project Management Manifesto

This is the English language version. It has been translated into many other languages. Check the website for these other versions.


To find out more, please visit: RPM (

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RPM Update July 2022

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko We are excited to be partnering with The Schumacher Institute to develop the Responsible PM Studio Responsible Project Management is a

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