I AM IMPACT – December 7th. 19:00-20:30 (UK)


Khandiz, Creative Sustainableist

I believe that the sum of our experiences shapes and moulds us into the unique people we become.

This is a brief story of the journey that has shaped me, my work and my creative practice.

It’s the sum of these experiences that have allowed me to see the world a little differently, and approach old problems with renewed thinking, and sustainable eudaimonic solutions.

Khandiz Joni, vujadecreative.solutions


“I find it fascinating how everyone’s just come together and brought ideas together. This is what I think ASP is all about because you’ve come in solo with your idea and your project and everyone’s contributed and it’s been really fascinating to hear what everyone’s had to say.”


“For me, it’s been incredible. It’s made it so much more interesting than me just talking about it because I do sometimes feel a little bit uncomfortable talking about my work.

So really, thank you to everybody who’s contributed. I think that’s the beauty of it and, hopefully, it’s useful to you and you take it forth and we can keep growing the conversation and keep growing where this analogy can go.”

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