Working in Transport Planning and Consultancy with a specific interest in Active Travel and Future Mobility in Cities.

“The way we choose to travel day to day is critical to our mission of creating a better, healthier, and happier future. Being conscious of how you travel is important and sustainable travel is the way forward.

“Sustainable practices being developed within our urban areas and cities which are in demand, is a huge area of interest of mine. Encouraging sustainable travel, implementing, and maintaining green space, and supporting greener areas overall is a strategic aim for our future.”

I started my journey with ASP as an internee for the social media and communication works for ASP, and after many inspiring experiences and distinctive opportunities I am now working as a Director for ASP.

My approach as a director of ASP is to bring a younger perspective to the community, proudly as a voice for Gen Z community. I feel privileged to be able to support, share and challenge our society with our continuous mission for a creating a sustainable, happy but liveable future.

In my role, I hope that I can play a part of influencing others to move forward by changing everyday habits that we are so used too. I think making small changes is a way to make impact towards the issues we are faced with and that changing something in your routine for the better can make impact. Whether something small and consistent such as buying more locally or whether a more challenging and active change such as cycling to work rather than driving, everything will contribute to preserving our natural resources and quality of life for the future generations.

I am particularly enthusiastic about sustainable transformations being prioritised for what we can do now in the present. My attitude is that I do not dwell on the past and I think this is particularly important for the journey of creating our world a better place. Being a few steps ahead is beneficial to adapt with and I believe striving in the present and planning for the future is significant for positive change.

Please contact me for any information/questions, general enquiries, or collaborations at: [email protected]

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