I am a social entrepreneur based in Auckland, NZ, and founder of Grokkist, a global online home for people who lead with curiosity and follow their enthusiasm.

I’ve spent a significant part of my life walking away from things I was good at but that weren’t working for me – sometimes at speed.

I’ve left numerous jobs, dropped out of several schools, and restarted my professional career multiple times, because sometimes knowing what you don’t want is more crucial than knowing what’s next.

But eventually, I grew tired and bored of going through that cycle.

I also became weary of watching my friends struggle with similar challenges in their own lives. So, I decided to create something fun, affirming, and empowering that all of us could run towards.

All these experiences led me to establish Grokkist in 2022, although I didn’t fully grasp my “Big Why” right away. At the time, I simply had two persistent questions that had been haunting me for years:

  • Why do some people manage to keep their curiosity alive as adults in a world seemingly designed to suffocate it during childhood?
  • What would it look like to create an education system focused on igniting the soul’s passion rather than just passing tests?

As it turned out, asking these questions aloud would quickly connect me with fascinating people and take me to incredible places. This journey continues as we work together to speak something beautiful into existence.

Despite never letting school interfere with my education, I have also nevertheless accumulated a variety of degrees and other professional credentials which I am more than willing to retrieve from their tube in my cupboard should anyone wish to look at them.


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