The first Climate Fresk Workshop session for ASP Members was excellent! Eight of us joined the session and all learned so much from it.

Thank you to Ash Goddard from Climate Clarity for stepping in to facilitate the workshop at an hour’s notice, as our scheduled facilitator had a complete internet fail on her island!

Luckily, Ash is a very experienced facilitator and knows the Climate Fresk back-to-front. He and his colleagues at Climate Clarity offer in-person and online workshops to companies, schools, and community groups. Get in touch to see how they can help your team start positive climate conversations and feel empowered to take impactful action!

Climate Clarity also trains new Climate Fresk facilitators – if you’re interested in becoming a climate educator, let them know via this form.

Interested in joining the next Climate Fresk Introduction workshop for ASP members? Register your interest here.

Becks Neale‘s summary of the course:

“Yesterday, I took part in a Climate Fresk workshop together with sustainable leaders and members of The Association of Sustainability Practitioners – it was a really insightful, thought provoking and action orientated workshop for things we can each do individually today, as well as influence on a wider scale to tackle the the climate crisis.

The 2022 UN Sustainable Development Goals Report – highlights the major challenge before us, and how the different instances and ongoing crises over the past few years, and still facing today, are fuelling substantial set backs:

During the Climate Fresk workshop, we were given 8 minutes to map out a set of climate related cause-and-effect cards as a group. The correlation wasn’t lost on me that we have just 8 years remaining until 2030 to achieve the SDG’s and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.

I came away with mixed emotions – on one hand it was hard seeing the causes and interconnected effects laid out so clearly in front of me. On the other hand, there was an overriding sense of hope, especially from being in discussions with likeminded people.

‘We’re in a pivotal age’ as Ash Goddard, who facilitated our workshop, succinctly summed up our discussions, – the crisis is happening here and now, and it’s up to us to write the next chapter. We can all make a difference to restore our planet and wellbeing, and help get the SDG’s back on track.”

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