Axel Kacoutie

“I guess the difference is,
how much of a difference
am I willing to make?”

“For over ten years Axel has been working with sound, music and words to conjure new thought-forms and perspectives on the familiar. Reviving a magic in the mundane.”

Whether you are an elder, a grandparent, a parent, or have ever been a child, there is probably something in this poem for you.

What’s this poem got to do with sustainability?
Possibly nothing.
Probably everything.

“…as my son contiues to grow
And the memories continue to grow
He’ll have enough in his own mind
To know that I was,
And that I am,
And that I always will be,

Daddy are you here?
Yes, I’m here.
Are you here?

The full poem, read by Axel – A memoryscape of fatherhood woven between three generations.

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