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Reframing and Transforming Economics around Life. Dr Sandra Waddock

Sandra Waddock joins us in our AGM on the 27th May. To give an insight to her work here is an article she published in 2020.

This article offers a framework for economics that affirms life to replace the flawed yet dominant paradigm of neoliberal economics. Building an argument for a new set of core memes— core ideas that are the building blocks of stories and narratives (like neoliberalism)—this article presents a proposed set of economics memes that support life drawn from a wide range of sources. The framework’s six memes are:

all of which are consistent in supporting other recent economics framings like ‘doughnut economics’.

Keywords: economics; neoliberalism; neoclassical economics; new economics; sustainability; memes;
narrative; stories

Dr. Sandra Waddock

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