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Event recording: ASP AGM 2023: Collaboration and Thriving

ASP Directors and Members review the growth in both ASP and its members in the recent past and explore opportunities for collabortion and thriving in the coming year.

Thanks to all participants for the best AGM yet!!

Theresa Sansome brilliantly hosted the meeting and the care she put into it showed in a relaxed, caring and very engaging format.

Gwyn Jones summarised the many ways in which the ASP community has grown over the past year and outlines some of the new initiatives that this rich community is now able to embark upon – collaboration and thriving.

David Nicoll injected life, clarity, meaning and humour into the numbers!

Alan Raw expanded on the Humber Eco Fest (October) plans and stressed the aim to celebrate what the locals are and will be doing across the region. We are all glad that ASP and its Members are invited to actively support him and the people of Humberside in this unique venture.

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