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earth conversations

earth conversations

Enriching, meaningful conversations with inspirational speakers from all around the world

The genesis of "earth conversations"

Co-Founders Jagdish and Helena share their visions, aims and plans

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My dream is that we bring together inspirational speakers from all around the world.

We give them space and we allow people to come in for free.

I feel that’s really important.

We’re not putting any barriers to people participating.

So we’ve got the inspiration; we’ve got the ideas. Then we couple that with Action Research and by that I mean we encourage people to reflect, to think about themselves to think about how we work together to think about taking action. 

So it’s a  deeper process.

We’re really asking people to come to think more and to hopefully, be inspired by by what’s happening and take action.

The title is based on “Earth.” So we’re seeing the earth as one, as whole, as holistic. And also, really hopeful and positive”

Helena Kettleborough

“Yes, I agree with you Helena. At the back of my mind was this principle that we could get people to sit together, converse together, engage take action, but I have a confession to make.

I said “Let’s get it started!” and I was very hesitant. I never thought this would work and when Helena said I want to work with you and when Gwyn and Eliot said I’ll come along and support you. That’s where it really began.

But let me confess, I really worked with no fixed goals or targets.  I would say we are happy to let it go where it may go; just emergent in that sense.

I don’t know where this leads. I cannot say that. I cannot say if it will fizzle out or become a new source of energy for ASP.

But I know this one thing: that conversations are enriching they are meaningful. They have within them several learning moments, whether you’re sitting to learn or not to learn.

For me, that’s good enough. I’d say the rest will take care of itself. Let’s see where it goes. That would be my approach.”

Jagdish Rattanani

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