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Earth conversation #7: “Journey to Hopeful Futures: A Handbook” A creative learning exercise. September 12th 16:00-17:30 (UK)

You are most warmly invited to join the ASP/RBP/AMSR/ launch of Journey to Hopeful Futures: a Handbook.

Helena will facilitate an Earth Conversation drawing on some of the concepts, learning and tools outlined in the book.  This will be participative and include two creative learning exercises for participants, breakout group discussion followed by Q&A.  She will also invite reflection on a truly participative Universe, Gaia, communities and self. Helena draws on her involvement in both the Masters in Responsibility in Business Practice and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners as well has her experience in local government, academia and local community in the North West of England. Please have to hand paper, colours, writing implements, scissors and anything else you might like to work with.

You might find it helpful (but not necessary!) to have a copy of the book -available from Silverwood/ Kindle/Amazon.

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ASP Director Helena Kettleborough

With Journey to Hopeful Futures, Helena Kettleborough, Centre for Connected Practice, offers a transformative new approach to reimagining a world which respects and restores the natural systems on which life depends. At a time when the imminent destruction of our planet can feel overwhelming, Helena invites the reader to re-energise, re-think and embark with her on a unique journey of hopeful discovery.

This journey involves self, community, planet and cosmos. Having worked as a community activist and teacher for three decades, Helena specialises in creating new spaces within the home, workplace and academy for spiritual reflection. Here, she shares that knowledge with us in a creative, important handbook aimed at nurturing new paradigms – which respect and restore the natural systems on which life depends – a world of love, equality and social justice within our living planet and sacred cosmos.

Through personal stories, research, life-experience, community and spiritual practice, she offers a unique space within which the reader can question, learn and reflect, signposting to an extensive range of resources. The handbook provides a practical toolkit of creative exercises and personal actions to revive our lives, and the world around us – vital steps towards overcoming the daily challenges we all face and to creating new, hopeful futures.

Order at Siverwood Books by following the QR link.

You can order from Kindle or Amazon

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