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Worksity is an online marketplace that connects local talents and students to local people and businesses in an effort to help build a profitable local community.

Together we can build profitable communities.

Hire a local talent. Help your local community.

Worksity is a social business and an subsidiary’s of Isles Of Empyrean. An enterprise focusing on building profitable local communities to enrich the well-being of each member from every community.

Worksity strives to do all it can to make the process of earning your basic needs simple and effortless, therefore making your life easier and more fulfilling because Worksity only benefits from the love you have for what you do.

Our goal is to inspire and encourage local students and talents to create jobs within their own local communities. By offering a platform to advertise your own personal brand and businesses, we can all offer something to our local societies. We will guide the next generation of job creators, not job seekers.

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