It been a while since we spoke last.  I have been super busy firefighting the effects of the inflation and its repercussions. 

The Food-eBox business lost around 35% of its customer base since the energy process went up, also we have to deal with covering rising costs of food prices and fuel.  So it’s been hard work balancing between saving and stabilising the Food-eBox while working on the Forevermore Food project.

On  a positive note, our workshops have been very informative and interesting. We now have around 10 houses who joined our Forevermore scheme workshops. 

I am also helping  Dr Anne Hayden with her Your Planet Doctors where we are doing similar workshops with 15 households in the Beoufort estate Southbourne.  These households are from a deprived community and the plan is to plant the small raised beds that Your Planet Doctors set up for them with easy to grow crops.  I will be focusing on singular crops per raised bed.  Easy to grow, improve their well-being by seeing positive results and teach them how to create natural protection  and natural liquid fertilisation.  In future we will turn the workshops into social events, one household per group at a time helping them to sort each other’, back-gardens with more landscaping for vegetable growing if possible.  After 5 weeks we should have 15 motivated households with upkeep gardens, growing crops and an hour of community bonding.  

We are in the process of gaining access to 30 acres of local arable fields.

I will be holding the first workshop on the fields with around 20 people where I will explain our vision of trying to change the way food is produced and give control of the food commodity back to the community.

Lawrence Camilleri

May 2022

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