How do you engage with planet issues? The big stuff?

Do you have a big picture of the world that motivates you?

Do you have responsibilities that get you into the weeds of compliance or campaigning? Or are you sort of responding where you can and hoping not to be tested on it by your kids – or the new talent you need to attract?

I think it’s hard to be honest about it, for a lot of us. Officially at work and informally at home.

How we really feel. How to show up as us, and not someone we think we should be. And how to imagine we can make any difference.

It is a now of fearsome unrealities to keep caring about or keep angry about.

I approach it as an art-minded bloke, and over the last few years, with a little lucky space to think and make, this has changed the way I see the world around me.

I’d like to offer a creative experience to change the energy.

On Sunday April 23 2023, I’m bringing my idiosyncratic Unsee The Future research cast to the stage for the first time – invited by Bournemouth Writing Festival to create the finale to their brilliant event weekend:


You might have no concept of the place of art in a time of crisis, or just no idea where your own art fits. But, ancient, modern and future, I’ll be nipping you around a narrative cosmos in AUB’s Palace Court Theatre to consider why we should start talking about “the new songs and stories of us.” And even writing them.

What story do you think you are in? And can you change it?

A fantastic spread of speakers and topics across the whole weekend, and you can find me at the end of it all right here:

BU Writing Festival

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