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TreeWilder – Inspirational carbon offsetting solutions

We are launching our Treewilder website which offers a simple, subscription plan for small businesses and households to mitigate their climate impacts.

Treewilder subscriptions support:

1.  The restoration of UK wilderness at scale 

     (planting diverse, native forests and restoring wetlands)  

2.  The conservation of diverse tropical forests

3.  Robust renewable energy projects

The first project that is benefiting is our spectacular Loch Ness Forest Project!

All UK projects officially count towards the UK’s commitments on Climate Change.  All offsets officially count towards the aims of the UN’s Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The subscription plan starts at a cost equal to just one hot drink on the high street per month.  Please consider joining.  Please help to spread the word.

Richard Clarke, MSc BSc (Zoology)Managing Director, 

Highland Carbon07427 104 451

At TreeWilder, we are passionate about restoring wild forests and waterways for wildlife.

Whereas most carbon offsetting projects entail tree planting trees on arable farmland, thus competing with food security, we are inspired to do things differently. We see carbon offsetting as the best opportunity to restore wild landscapes.

We source world-class forest creation and peatland restoration projects undertaken by Highland Carbon, located in the wilds of Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. These projects that return wild places to their former splendour complement pristine habitats and benefit a range of rare species.

In addition to our world-class nature restoration projects located in the UK, we support projects around-the-world, including the protection of tropical forests, sustainable forestry initiatives, investment in renewable energy schemes and greenhouse gas reduction. All offsetting units provided by TreeWilder are fully traceable and sourced from frameworks that the United Nations recognise.

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