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On August 26th, 2022 the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science, and the Arts awarded Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences the status of state-recognized university of applied sciences.

This means that TU has been given the green light to operate as a University in the State of Hessen, confirming that TU, among other things, is ready to carry out teaching and research at the university level, ensure academic freedom and issue degrees. In addition, this news means that TU is the first EdTech startup in Germany to gain state-recognition as a university.

Christian Rebernik is Co-CEO at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences with 20+ years in tech and entrepreneurship. He is an investor, mentor, and also the founder of several other successful startups holding myriad C-roles in other Austrian and German-born ventures.

Tomorrow University

Bachelor of Arts

For people who want to have an impactful career, TU offers three Bachelor Degree’s:

Responsible Entrepreneurship

The B.A. in Responsible Entrepreneurship offers innovative opportunities to build your entrepreneurial mindset that will enable you to start or grow a business. The degree will provide you with an awareness of sustainable business and leadership practices  that will ensure that you adapt to fast-paced, ever-changing environments and challenges.

Sustainable Design & Product Management

The B.A. in Sustainable Design & Product Management starts with the principle that design is not “what a product looks like”, but “how it works”. It recognizes that design is a process and ensures you learn the knowledge and skills to set up and execute that process, as well as make it and its outcomes more sustainable.

Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies

The B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies will provide you with an awareness and a structured way of thinking. You’ll be enabled to tackle current problems using Data Science methods and gain a highly interactive and hands-on introduction to the most important, state-of-the-art Data Science techniques.

Masters Degrees

Address the Challenges of Tomorrow With a Remote Professional Master in SET

For professionals TU offers a Master Degree in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology (1 year program).

Speed up your impact in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology with our online Professional Master in SET. Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences has partnered with the WU Executive Academy since 2021 whose Executive MBA program is ranked #34 among business schools globally. Make an impact with a fully-accredited Master’s Degree program.

Impact Degree in GreenTech – RWTH Aachen

For professionals in GreenTech TU offers an Impact Degree in GreenTech (learning about Circular Economy, Battery Recycling, E-Mobility, etc.)

Build the solutions to reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. During the Impact Degree in GreenTech program, you’ll learn about science-based technology, ideas, and methodologies to solve the biggest challenges the global community faces in a dedicated community of change makers.

Tomorrow University Learning Principles


We’re a community of perpetual learners. We’ve designed our program and curriculum to change with the times. You’ll pick from a variety of challenges during the program inspired by scenarios found in the entrepreneurial and business world to solve. Throughout the challenges, you’ll apply, create, and master the competencies needed for a better tomorrow. 


All of our programs are fully-remote. In our learning model, the time to show competency in a specific subject area is flexible while the expectation to master it is constant. You’ll move through challenges rather than traditional courses and build competencies in real-time to consider the needs of everyone’s individual learning process.


Our technology guides you through the program, adapts to your needs, and gives feedback from the start to the finish. Your goals as a learner within the program and understanding of core competencies are individually adapted on the app, making your learning experience uniquely yours. You’ll see a visual record of your learning progress throughout your studies, making it easy to stay focused on your desired outcomes.


We use ‘not yet’ as a benchmark when a learner has yet to prove mastery of a challenge or competency. Rather than failing a subject or challenge, you’re given the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge until mastery. You can submit your work until reviewers and experts believe you fully grasp the chosen concept. Failure doesn’t exist at ToU, but there’s always room for improvement.


We enable learners to build meaningful relationships that lead to rich, engaging, and effective remote-first learning experiences. Together with your cohort, mentors, and vast global community, you’ll stay connected and engaged through regular live sessions, course discussions, and events. Our challenge-based learning method promotes collaboration and 360° feedback from all participants, peers to mentors, and vice versa, at all times.

Corporate Partnerships

We are open for corporate partnerships as well. We like to integrate corporate partner challenges into the programs as well as integrating mentors from them. This allows them to scout talent. Furthermore we have partners who upskill their own team members.

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