Join the #ThrivingPlacesIndex partners & delivery team for a webinar on Wed 3 November at 12.30 to hear about the TPI’s role in transforming our economy place by place plus insights into what the latest data can reveal about real progress across the UK.

The Thriving Places Index is a compass to guide local economies towards an equitable and sustainable future. It is a globally respected framework to support local leaders in every sector to design and deliver policy and action to grow the wellbeing of people and planet.

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The Thriving Places Index:
A Roadmap to a Wellbeing Economy

The Thriving Places Index is a new way to look at the strengths and challenges of the place where you live. It shows whether the conditions are in place for people to thrive – in a fair and sustainable way. Click here to see the full Thriving Places Index website. 

The Thriving Places Index is designed to provide a shared set of goals and a robust reporting framework that shows the conditions for wellbeing at a local level. It radically challenges the current paradigm that defines progress by purely economic and financial means.

Instead of focusing on just growing consumption and wealth for a few, the Thriving Places Index focuses on all the things that help people and places to do well.

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