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The Word Forest Organisation

“Everything we do as human beings has an impact on our planet. We’re striving to ensure that ours, and yours, is as light green as it could ever be.”

ASP are delighted to announce The Word Forest Organisation as our newest alliance member. We are honoured to be partnering with such a  determined charity that promotes and supports the need for change with our climate crisis. They work in a very holistic way using planting trees as the starting point to help transform local communities, going way beyond simple offsetting.

We will be organising joint workshops and events and promoting each others’ activities to our respective communities.

What do they do?

The Word Forest Organisation is a UK based Charity that concentrates its efforts on promoting sustainable development globally. The key actions presented in Kenya involve planting trees, building classrooms, facilitating education, and supporting women’s empowerment for the benefit of the public.


Their visions

  • Create nurseries and plant new trees on deforested land
  • Construct and equip educational buildings in impoverished Kenyan communities
  • Twin Kenyan schools with UK schools and reduce the environmental educational gap between them
  • Encourage everyone to take more personal responsibility for keeping the planet healthy
  • Share environmental wisdom and biocentric scientific data in respect of reforestation
  • Empower community educators to raise awareness of forestry guardianship and wider environmental issues


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The Word Forest Organisation activities

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