I’m getting ready to write my next book – this one will be all about Being Human in Business and reinventing our relationship to work! But I don’t want to do it alone!

I know how amazing it is to create in community, how different the energy is from just sitting behind your computer by yourself!

So I want to support you to write your own book!!

Let’s write that book that becomes part of your Life’s Work – together!

Do you have a book in you? 

Perhaps people tell you “You should write a book about this someday.”

If you’ve played with the idea of one day writing a book, but always put it off because it’s too overwhelming, then keep reading.

When I wrote my first book, I had no idea what I was doing. No clue how to structure a book. No idea how to self-publish. Overwhelmed with the idea to find a publisher or editor. Those words were all foreign to me.

However, I had a deep-seated need to share my ideas because I knew they were a part of my Life’s Work.

So I did what I always do: I went deep, I researched, and I gathered all the info I needed.  I hired a coach, someone who’s written two books before.  And I surrounded myself with the right people. 

This time, for the 3rd book, I know how it works. 

And now I’d love to help you become a renegade author as well. 

Which is why, this November 2023, I’m hosting:
The Business Book Alchemist Program

Click here to find out the details and join a group of authors who write to create change!

And then join us for a free and non-committal info session on October 16th

P.S. It starts with a paid program where I share everything you need to know to write a book that’s taken seriously, and then we form a community to hold each other accountable throughout the writing process.

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