Hannah MorrisDirector, Media & Communications, Wisdom Council

    “The way in which we inhabit the world evidently needs to change to meet the needs of future generations”

    When Gwyn contacted me on LinkedIn in my final year of University, I was captivated with the opportunity to join ASP. I feel privileged to have been selected as one of the first cohort of interns for the social media and communications team in May 2021, and I am honoured to be part of ASP’s community.

    ASP, to me, connotes a group of people with the same interest who strive to make the world a better place. ASP provides a space for sharing, supporting, challenging, and connecting threads of knowledge and experiences that help make a difference to society. I particularly like ASP’s inter-generational focus and I am proud to be a voice for Gen Z, whilst also listening and learning from the fantastic and inspiring experienced members.

    When again Gwyn  invited me to become a Director of ASP, I was completely and utterly honoured. I would like to give back to the world with the knowledge and skills I have gained so far and continue to learn and develop from the experiences and knowledge of others in ASP, to help make a difference.

    I would like to use this role as a space to become a voice for Gen Z in important considerations about ASP and help shape the future in the world my generation and future generations will grow up in.

    I hope I can inspire other young people to become change-makers of our time and help transform this downward ecological crisis.

    Please contact me at: [email protected] for further information, collaboration, and general enquiries.