Elizabeth HarropDirector & Wisdom Council

Consultant in Policy, Research & Writing: International Human Rights Advocacy, Environmental Protection and Social Change

I am based near Bath and work as a consultant to United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). I am passionate about human rights (especially those affecting the most vulnerable such as protection of children from violence and abuse), and human responsibilities towards each other and the earth. My work on human rights in business is one way of exploring this, but human rights is not the whole answer, as nature has intrinsic not just instrumental value.

Our way of living in the Global North is predicated on excessive consumption, and we need to completely reset (much of) humanity and our relationship to the natural world, learning from indigenous cultures and from our inner connection to the earth. We are part of nature not governor of it; our species is one of many – interconnected by a rich web – and we have no right to see ourselves as ruler and exploiter.

I studied philosophy and question everything, including the UN system. So much “development” is hinged around economic growth; and narratives for change are grounded in a financial bottom line to incentivize Governments. This needs challenging to create a world centered around well-being (of the planet as well as humans).

We need to challenge deeply entrenched systems and norms; I am exploring how to do that, not just through my work, but through my passion for creativity and ecopsychology. Once we can imagine the big picture, and explore the connections within the dynamic systems which make up our world, we can find numerous entry points for change. I want to be part of the change and help others to be too. I love debate and ideas creation, sharing experiences and inspiration. If you would like to enjoy that with me, please get in touch!