Elise FerdinandoDirector, Media & Communications, Wisdom Council

    My approach as a director of ASP is to bring a younger perspective to the community; proudly a voice for Gen Z, I feel privileged to be able to support, share and challenge our society with our mission for a sustainable and happy future.

    After joining ASP in September 2021 as an internee for social media and communications, I am delighted to have been offered the opportunity to become a director of ASP. I am currently studying my MSc in International Planning and Development at Cardiff University with a huge ambition for sustainable living and widespread knowledge of climate change, urban planning, sustainable transport and planning for cities futures internationally.

    I am particularly enthusiastic about sustainable transformations being prioritised for what we can do now in the present. My attitude is that I do not dwell on the past and I think this is particularly important for the journey of creating our world a better place. Being a few steps ahead is beneficial to adapt with and I believe striving in the present and planning for the future is significant for positive change.

    In my role, I hope that I can play a part of influencing others to move forward, whether small and consistent changes or more challenging and time-consuming changes, everything will contribute to preserving our natural resources and quality of life for the future generations.

    Please contact me for any information/questions, general enquiries, or collaborations at: [email protected]

    Elise Ferdinando